Transform your team with smarter dashboards and better insights

Over the past few releases, we've added a handful of little features that spell big changes for building and tracking team metrics in Notion.

Most recently, with the introduction of target insights, you can now stay on top of team achievements across your dashboards and help your teams stay focused on the most important goals.

In this post, we'll walk through a few of these recent updates and highlight how your team can benefit from them.

Recommended metrics for easier dashboard setup

If you're new to Notion, you'll find an Action Plan designed to help you get started quickly, customized for you based on your answers to a quick survey at signup. If you want to connect your tools to Notion, we'll walk you through the connection process (with zero engineering support needed) and show you a few examples of metrics you can create with your data.

Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 9.28.00 AM.png

Metrics Strategies: you asked, we answered.

Our integrations are a fast and easy way to see your data in your dashboards, but we've heard that people are still looking for more guidance about what they should be tracking. With Recipe Bundles in our Action Plan, you will now see a call-out to add recommended metrics directly to your dashboard.


(Note: whenever you create a new dashboard, you will be able to select from a set of recommended bundles.)


Recommended templates appear on a dashboard just like regular metrics and only require a few small steps to activate. In this example, we have a set of metrics that are optimized for teams undergoing an agile transformation process, focusing on accuracy and quality. 

(Hint: if you don't want to track one of the metrics, click the icon in the bottom right corner of the metric card to drag and drop the metric to the trash.)

Setting up your first metric

Similar to our metrics in the Recipe Library, once you click a metric template, you'll see that nearly everything is set up for you.


Feel free to edit the name and description from the defaults to customize the metrics to your teams.


The equations for your metrics will also already be defined, but you can always customize these as well.


The only thing you will need to do is assign who will be reporting on the ingredients. You can assign them to yourself, to new or existing team members in your Notion account, or even use ingredients you have previously built with one of our integrations.


Finally, you'll want to review the display options to make sure the data is reported on the correct day (in this example, the last day of the sprint).

If a target isn't set, you can also use this opportunity to set one. Not only will the target insights feature require a target to be set; targets are also a simple way to define benchmarks for your team's progress and clarify expectations for overall goals.

Adding data to your metrics

Once your metric is saved, click the red "submit data" button above the chart and you'll be taken to a table where you can quickly enter in current and past values.


If the ingredients have been assigned to team members, they will receive an email notification with a link to report on the data.

Watching targets and increasing benchmarks


Within just a few minutes, you'll have your team dashboard up and running. And along with the targets you set, your team now has direct visibility into progress, performance, and bottlenecks.

As data continues to be reported, you can identify trends, discover what is working, and which areas need attention.

And thanks to the new target insights, you'll be notified in the activity feed (and weekly digest) when a target has been achieved.


When a target is achieved, it's a great time to revisit your goals as a team and see if it makes sense to push back the goal posts.

Individual metric pages will keep track of which goals you have achieved and when, so you can continue to track progress over time.

Empowering your team with the tools they need to improve productivity and encourage collaboration are core to the Notion experience. We are excited about these new features and look forward to seeing how your team implements them!

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