Shining a Light on Customer Superstars: Meet Michelle and Avid Technology

When you work in the software business, whether you're planning the roadmap, shipping product, evangelizing its value, or supporting your customers, it's easy to get lost in the details of the product itself. You spend so much time planning new features and explaining the value of existing ones that you can easily forget why the heck you're doing all this work in the first place: your customers. 

In an effort to shine a brighter light on the incredible work that our customers do, we're launching a new series of articles about the teams that use Notion, the products they build and support, and the people that make it all possible. 

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We're starting this series with Michelle Melancon of Avid Technology. She's an agile coach and manages the Atlassian Suite Team at Avid. Last time we checked, Avid was Atlassian's largest JIRA Cloud customer, since they run 60+ scrum teams and a host of other departments on a variety of Atlassian products. 


Tell us about your product. What do you spend your days building? What’s the coolest thing about it? Why do your customers love it? 

Avid builds so many cool products that I can’t list them all here!  Pro Tools, Media Composer, Avid NEXIS, Sibelius just to name a few.  Essentially we build products for very creative people to master their art and tell their stories and that’s why they love our products and we love them.  Honestly, they tell their stories better than I can!  Check us out. 


Tell us about your team. Why are they amazing? What is your favorite thing in working with them? If you could do anything to help them, what would it be?

My team is THE BEST!  We manage the Atlassian suite and related applications.  I think my favorite thing about my team is that we take a huge amount of pride in doing whatever we need to do to provide the teams that rely on us the best solutions possible.   Really, I’m super proud of my team!  Being in a service organization means that no news is good news.  If I could do anything for my team I think it would be letting them know publically that they are very appreciated.  See what I did there?


Tell us about data, numbers, metrics. What sources do you track? How does data help your team be successful? What’s your biggest struggle in using data?

Notion really saved the day here.  Tracking velocity and sprint data is important for our teams and our organization.  Being able to review sprint data for numerous teams in JIRA is not possible and is a painful process. (no offense Atlassian!) Being able to see multiple team data in a single dashboard has been a lifesaver.   This provides us an easy way to gauge how we are doing from sprint to sprint and identify any opportunities to help out teams through our agile transformation.   


Tell us about Notion. When do you review your Notion data? How have you incorporated Notion into your team workflow/processes? What problems has Notion helped you solve?  

 Right now Notion is providing visibility via a dashboard that we are using to wrap up our agile transformation. We are able to see our updated dashboards at the end of our sprints. At this point we are really only using a fraction of what Notion can do.  There are so many options in Notion that the only thing needed is to determine what it is that you want to improve on and simply create a dashboard to easily see where you are currently and track your improvements. I absolutely LOVE the team polls. Getting feedback related to the teams perspective is invaluable.  

I was asked to come up with a way to show multiple team sprint data in a central location.  Easy right?   I was ready to throw in the towel on being able to deliver a solution that could show multiple team data from JIRA.  This was very frustrating and I am sure other Atlassian users can relate because the data is right there but you are stopped short of being able to present it in any useful way.    When I came across Notion I was practically in disbelief but the concept is brilliant and it delivers what you would think is impossible.  


What would you say is the greatest benefit to using Notion? 

Well the tool is awesome but the people at Notion are incredible.  The personal attention and assistance is second to none.  We talked about what we needed, the problems we wanted to solve and Notion went over and above any expectations that we had.   Seriously, best customer service ever.  Ever. 


What would happen if we took Notion away?  

 I’d cry.  A lot. (ed. note: Us too, Michelle. Us too.)


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